What is Photography?

Photography is the act of recording light in a light-sensitive support.


When was photography invented?

The experiments for creating a photograph existed long before the invention of the medium itself, but it is generally understood that photography was born in 1820 with Nicephore Niepce’s achievement of fixing a photographic image in a sensitive support.


Why is photography important?

Photography allows us to record that which is in front of us, giving us a tool to share our everyday experiences and with them the history of humanity.


Why is photography art?

Photography is an art when it is used to tell stories, to share a point of view or idea that a particular artist wants to share with the world. It allows us to share what we see, what we find important, what makes us human. It allows us to share and experience the history of humanity through our own eyes.


What is the history of photography?

The history of photography is both the history of the photographic camera and the history of what artists have used it for. In it we can see the development of the different devices with which we have created photographs but also the range of sensibilities that have existed through our history and the ways we have pushed photography in order to achieve better communication.


Is photography an image or a physical object?

Photography is what we see, what we see can be printed into an artifact, that artifact can be some kind of gelatin or paper and it also can be translated to a digital support, but the photograph is the recording and translation of what can be seen and also it’s possible use for creating narrative fictions.


Why is it important to collect Photography NFTs?

Photography’s nature is to be reproducible, with the rise of the internet that reproducibility took away the control of the artists on their work. To collect an NFT is to acknowledge a digital original approved by an artist, giving back its intellectual value to the collected piece and the artist that created it.


What is Fellowship trust?

The Fellowship Trust is a photography collection that aims to collect the most important work produced from the 1800s to the present day, creating a direct line that records the development of the medium and the circumstances that took us into the era of the NFTs. This collection will signal the historical value of photography and will see the NFT space as a proper home for photography.


What are we curating at Fellowship Trust?

At the Fellowship Trust we are curating the history of photography through the most important bodies of work that have been produced from 1800s to the present day. For each body of work we are aiming for a selection that remains faithful to the spirit of the work itself.


Why is it important to curate a permanent collection of NFT photographs?

The importance of a permanent collection remains in the accessibility it creates to the most important photographic work created to this date. This permanent collection will be a valuable asset to researchers and students of the medium that are looking for a broad view of the art of photography.


What is the future of Fellowship Trust?

After the first stage of collecting historical work, the Fellowship Trust will remain observing and collecting history being made in real time through the development of the NFT space as a place for photographic creation and experimentation.