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Alina Trifan


Alina Trifan

Alina Trifan. Cover Me In Ultraviolet

Alina Taifan

“AI-Log” is an immersive project that explores the realms of memory, place, and the allure of the apocalypse. Its genesis lies in a captivating dialogue between myself and AI, a journey of mutual understanding and shared perspectives.

The collection interweaves photographs sourced from various years and countries that I, as an immigrant, have called home. The resulting compositions resonate with a nostalgic undercurrent, evoking both the sentiments of bygone eras and the interconnections of our present reality. “AI-Log” unfurls like a diary, with entries that oscillate between personal anecdotes and contemplations on universal themes, notably the elusive nature of memory. Through this process, I have not only revisited past experiences but also forged new ones.

An unexpected facet of “AI-Log” manifests as a chronicle of events preceding the apocalypse. This element emerged organically during my interactions with AI, perhaps influenced by my state of mind or the melodies that serenaded me. While the imagery often alludes to disintegration and decay within nature, there remains an exaltation of beauty and a profound sense of curiosity for what may lie beyond. This sentiment is particularly palpable in the depictions of human figures who valiantly confront destruction with open arms.

To commence the creative process, I meticulously organized my extensive archive of photographs into categorized folders, considering factors such as year, location, subject matter (nature, people), and a particularly evocative folder entitled “Magic,” housing images that exude a textural quality capable of imbuing the final compositions with an air of enchantment.

Guided by intuition and a desire to generate fresh narratives, I carefully selected pairs of photographs. Employing the capabilities of AI models, I harmoniously blended these visual counterparts, occasionally augmenting the process with textual prompts to achieve the desired outcome. After numerous iterations and variations, I amassed over 2000 images, each a testament to our collaborative journey.


Alina Trifan


I am an artist and photographer based in Sheffield, UK. Originally from Moldova, I moved to Italy when I was fourteen, and it was there that I discovered my passion for photography. I studied Cultural and Linguistic Mediation at the University of Padua.

Over time, my photography has evolved to focus on capturing the beauty and significance of everyday objects and experiences. In my work with AI, I bring a sense of wonder and poetry to life’s small moments.